I’m still feeling so calm & balanced in my emotions


Prior to working with Kate for IEMT I joined one of her free groups to look at my health in general & really benefitted from the 5 days making slight adjustments to my Hydration & Nutrition, I really liked Kates simple, practical & sensible approach to things. Off the back of this I was looking for something to help release emotional trauma & we had a consultation about what IEMT involved. Kate made it easy to understand so I signed up for the 6 weeks package. As I was dealing with a major life change the timing couldn’t have been better. I found it to be very beneficial to me clearing up things I’d held onto for years, especially as I didn’t have to reveal anything I didn’t wish to in words which made it easier to do than my past talking therapies experiences.
I’m still feeling so calm & balanced in my emotions almost 1 month on since our last session. I feel all the things that held me back have rescinded into distant memories & now feel that I can close those chapters of my life & start on a new improved volume of my life. Thank you, Kate. Highly appreciated & Highly recommended.