How A Holistically Balanced Lifestyle Helped Me Become Your New Superhero

Hi there!

I’m Kate, your Wonder Woman Coach. Not just behind you, but right by your side when things don’t feel so wonderful.

I know a thing or two about feeling all zero and no hero. I should have been living my best life, travelling the country with a great project management job for a commercial kitchen company. But I wasn’t.

I was racking up 60–70-hour weeks driving up and down the motorways, living out of a suitcase, demolishing greasy service station breakfasts most days, and grabbing fast food on the hoof.

I’d put on 3 stone. The back, hip and knees problems I’d struggled with since I was a teenager were playing up again. I was so unhappy with my body. And I’d fallen out of love with the job because of the toll it was taking on my life.

Worse still, even though I was going to the gym a few times a week the weight was still piling on!

kate wilson

"Now it’s my life’s mission to be your Wonder Woman Coach. Helping you get your wonderful back when you wonder where the wonder’s gone"

An unhealthy body and an unhappy mind. Double red alert!

Two things happened. I enrolled with Weight Watchers and committed to eating my way healthily to my target weight. (It took me 18 months to do it.) And the company went into administration, meaning it was highly likely I’d be out of a job sooner or later.

It was during this time, slogging to shift the unwanted excess weight and filled with anxiety about my bleak work situation, that something big started to dawn on me…

That was the moment 19 years ago that changed everything for me…

It had only taken me 32 years 6 months 42 days and 9.5 hours to realise that nutrition is about our minds besides our bodies. You can't fix one and ignore the other, they’re completely intertwined.

So, my own Wonder Woman journey began. I was backed into a corner of having to think about a change of career. This awful great big black cloud over my life that had caused me so much anxiety had the best silver lining ever.

Why? Because I allowed myself to dream about what I actually wanted to do out of love and passion, not just obligation and earning a paycheck.

One of the great loves of my life has always been sport. So, I found a local course, registered for it and retrained as a Sports Masseur and Personal Trainer.

I’d finally found my calling helping others feel better. The satisfaction and pride I felt in helping clients with their physical wellbeing really started something.

I love learning and can’t help myself! Pilates came next, which I love, love, love. It’s helped me so much personally with my back, hip and knee problems.

I know how being in pain puts a stop to moving, thinking logically and generally looking after yourself. And I found it became much more manageable when I made better choices for myself.

Teaching my Pilates classes is great. But I also like to go deeper with clients. I help them align the body and the mind, just like I’d experienced for myself when I faced my own weight loss, pain management and career change demons head-on.

So, I took a Psychology Degree. And I also qualified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Then, last but certainly not least, I also discovered the OldPain2Go® system and trained as a Therapist in that, too.

OldPain2Go® is about re-programming the mind to manage pain, like turning a volume control down, or even off completely. After years of lower back injections and physio, it’s really helped me with the psychology of pain.

In addition to this, a potent combination of Pilates and meaningful nutrition have helped fuel my body.

This whole mind: body approach is so crucial to pain management because not much else can get through, mentally or physically, when you’re dealing with pain.

All the pieces of the jigsaw had finally come together. I’d worked so hard to equip myself with the vital skills and tools to offer expert holistic professional help from the inside out. Or the outside in, whichever you prefer.

kate wilson

How A Holistically Balanced Lifestyle Helped Me Become Your New Superhero

My move to focusing specifically on women’s health came about after I started to notice changes happening. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t just me. Discussions with my friends were often around changes we were all noticing and asking, “Is this normal?”

My sister and her friends were experiencing similar issues and having similar conversations.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The time in every woman’s life that’s most likely to make you feel more like a tatty moggy than a sex kitten.

Using all the knowledge I’ve built and tested on myself I help other women feel better mentally, physically & emotionally during what can be a challenging time. I use a completely holistic approach because nothing happens on its own within our bodies and minds.

My approach is a combination of science, experience and a sprinkling of woo, helping you feel better, empowering you to live the life you want, removing any anger, negativity and overwhelm that stops you from getting where you want to be.

We achieve better, longer-lasting results when we work with others and are held accountable. When I join you on your menopausal journey, we’ll have some fun along the way, making sure you’re completely relaxed so that the changes can happen.

Knowing that someone has your back and is there to guide you is to is key to success.

Let me be that guide.