Wonder Woman 1:1

Ready to recover your wits & waistline?

Here’s your safe space to be guided back to the fully fledged Wonder Woman that you are.

This is for you if;

You’re fed up with feeling exhausted from lack of sleep

Power surges (AKA Hot flushes) are getting you down

Feeling like you’re losing your mind

Confused about what the menopause actually is!

Brain fog causing problems at work & home

Feel like you’re bouncing from pillar to post

Libido gone walkabout

Reaching for coffee or sweet things to get through the day

Can’t wait for gin or wine o’clock

NOW is the time to take back control

Put yourself at the top of the important list – remember you can’t help others if your running on empty

We live a third of our lives after menopause, so let’s make them count!

Nobody wants to spend their best years feeling rubbish.

Join me for 12 weeks of transformation of body, mind & spirit to get you living your best 3rd Act

Our peri-menopause years can last anywhere from 3-15 years! That’s a flippin’ long time to feel rubbish for.

I know, I know, you want to know what’s involved…..

It’s 90-day programme and we’ve got a weekly 60-minute zoom call

Each programme is tailored to the individual, this means we start by working together to what’s what in your physical, mental & emotional world

Together we’ll work on improving your sleep

Getting you off the hangry roller coaster by getting your blood glucose under control

We’ll work together to create healthier boundaries for you to bring down stress and or anxiety

We’ll look at nutrition and how this can be tweaked to improve both your wellbeing and energy levels

You’ll discover how it’s not just what you put in your body, but also what goes on your body and in your surrounding s that can affect how you feel

Understanding what your triggers are in situations and how to diffuse them

Each week will build on the last one, so that by the end of the 90 days you’ve got all the skills you need to stay fabulous as you move through peri-menopause and beyond

It’s all about putting you front & centre

It’s about living the best third of your life

It’s about this and more

As well as our weekly calls you’ll have access to me via messaging so that if you’re having a blip, we can sort it (messages will be responded to within 24-48 hours)

Grab your training cape and let’s start

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